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sorry for lovee

Lost in the darkness..
I am alone
So alone
Sometimes I need to be alone
Alone in the dark
Leave me alone
I´m lost without my angel
Waiting for him
Let the shadows swallow me
No fear
I am completely broken inside
I ve no more tears to cry because
I´m empty
I always believe in that touch that cannot exist
I want to DIE
I´m not okay
Trust me
My death is for you
I bleed inside
I´m bleeding for you
When ereything feels like the movies
You bleed just to know you´re alive
I´m a fallen angel
Fallen angels go to hell..
Got love
To kill
Killing me softly
I´m lost
Feelings you won´t understand
Set me free
I don´t believe in this world
This isn´t home
I will never be good enough for you
Behind my eyes someone lies dead
I am crying for you
My  love to you will keep away my soul
I needed somewhere to hang my heart
And my dark tears
I want …fly away….
I love you because you are different
I let you free….and it hurts
Even heaven is hell without you.
Keep away my sorrow
I left my heart open but you didn´t understand
You´re arms around me tight
Everything felt so right
Tears are words that my heart said.
Some things are better left unsaid
I try to forget you.
But I cant
I love walking in the rain because no one see me crying
I´ll fake just one more smile for you
Wondering why it´s so cold..
You aren’t there by my side
Sorry for love
9.3.07 18:44

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